IPTV issues in Europe

Hello, please note that from today in Europe there is global problem with IPTV

From today IPTV panel developer Xtream Codes is closed and can not be accessed

Due to than any IPTV server in Europe do not have access to Dashboard-Panel

Streams itself are still working, but its not known untill when

Also, what is known that IPTV over Enigma 2 devices is not working

Due to that, we have made a script that will put channels online on Enigma 2 devices

Please see here => https://support.cccam.community/articles/43672-iptv-fix-for-enigma-2-devices

Also, we beg you for your patience, since this is global problem

Please note that we will not renew or sell any new IPTV line untill problem is solved

Thanks in advance

Update 21.09.2019

Fixed: Enigma 2 bouqets and XC plugin works again normally ( no need for Change script )

Improved speed of opening ( nearly like before )

Update 26.09.2019 for Pay IPTV users

If 1 list cant cover your current needs, please contact us for backup list and we will send you.

Note that we are doing anything possible by us to fix all issues as soon as possible.